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Project Overview


This project was my first attempt at 3D sculpting and texturing. The theme was a post-apocalyptic style room, drawing inspiration from shows such as ‘The Walking Dead’ and games such as the ‘Fallout’ series. Each item in the scene was carefully sculpted and textured focusing on a wear and tear aspect.

The Process

The first step was visual research, I searched through several sites such as Artstation and Pinterest to find inspiration. I also used real-life references to get a true physical understanding of the scale and texture of the object. The program I used to sculpt and render the scene was AutoDesk Maya. Once I sculpted an object I unwrapped the UV map and exported it to Adobe Substance painter. With my visual references and research on hand I accurately painted each object to the best of my ability. Once all objects were textured I imported them back into Maya, placed them in the scene then rendered it out.


3D Modelling, Texturing


AutoDesk Maya, Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop


3D Character Designer


8 Weeks

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