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Not Just a Laughing Matter...

My last name may be funny but my designs are far from it. I’m a UX and UI designer with a passion for all things digital. I love creating and designing flowing online solutions that will satisfy any user.

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Oh Hey, Didn't See You There...

When I'm not designing you’ll usually find me at my desk smashing out the latest Call of Duty or Battlefield game. I’m always up for an intense game of ping pong if you so wish to challenge me. When my pockets are deep I’m out spending my money on new upgrades for my custom PC. Building PCs has been an expensive hobby of mine for a while now, when I’m poor you’ll usually catch me building other people’s PCs for them. Oh, did I mention I’m into guns? I fly over to New Zealand every year to play a skirmish sport called ‘Airsoft’, it's like paintball but the guns and gear look real.

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