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Project Overview

What is Tide?

Tide is a video streaming service app targeting the younger generation of viewers. This mobile app is designed to bring people together by implementing a number of communicative features to enhance the viewing experience with others.

The Problem

In the modern age, TV has evolved exponentially leaving the BBC behind when it comes to delivering content to the younger audiences. To tackle this issue a digital experience must be made to better engage the younger audiences and keep them from drifting to other platforms.


Mobile Application Design, Branding


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD


UX Designer


4 Weeks

Project Goals

1 Dot

Design a modern day streaming service fit for today’s viewers

2 Dot

Create a unique streaming experience that stands out from other competitors

3 Dot

Engage with the younger audiences and keep them from drifting to other services

4 Dot

Create a sense of community and dissolve the illusion of isolation

Tide Mockup

App Features

Home Page

Like many other streaming apps, Tide’s familiar home page consists of an array of TV shows, separated into appropriate categories. Viewers can scroll through the BBC’s vast library, once they find a show they like, they’re able to bookmark it or go straight to viewing it. Viewers are also able to search for shows via the search icon in the top left of the navbar.

Tide Home Page
Tide Show Page

Show Page

Once selected each show will have a dedicated page displaying a hero banner and the entire episode list below for users to view and or bookmark.

Share Page

What makes Tide stand out from other streaming platforms is the ‘Share’ function. Viewers are able to create a room and invite friends to chat, but that's not all. Once in a room, members are able to queue up their favourite shows for everyone to watch together.

Tide Share Page
Tide Party Page

Chat Page

Once a show queue has been shared members are able to watch the queue together in real-time with no delays. During viewing voice chat is enabled along with text chat to easily stay connected with your friends.

Research Methods

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Target Audience Analysis

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Journey Mapping

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User Testing

Focus Questions

1. What Streaming services do you watch content on?

2. What features are useful to you on said streaming services?

3. What platform do you normally watch content on?

4. Would you be interested if the BBC had a new streaming service?

5. Do you use any online chat services with friends and family, if so what are they?

Research Findings

Streaming Services

The survey found that the most popular streaming services included the likes of Netflix, YouTube, Stan, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus. Of those services 96% of participants stated they watched content on YouTube followed by Netflix and Disney Plus at 76%.

Useful Features

All participants stated that a bookmark or favourite feature is necessary so that they could go back and watch content later. 92% of participants also stated that they required a search function to browse content.

Platform Interest

85% of participants stated that they watched content on their mobile devices, the second highest was on the computer at 69% of participants. When asked, only a handful of participants 38% showed interest in a new streaming service from the BBC.

Online Chat Services

100% of participants mentioned that they used an online chat service. Some of the services included Facebook & Instagram Messenger, Discord and Zoom. At 84% of participants, Facebook & Instagram Messenger was the most popular followed by Discord at 54%.

View Case Study

A full case study breakdown of the Tide App, including research, designs and usability tests.

What I've Learnt

When designing an already existing digital experience it’s important to identify and understand key aspects that work with that existing design and use those to enhance your own. I spent most of my time researching existing solutions such as Netflix and Stan to identify what makes a good streaming service. Once the core design was there the next challenge was designing an experience that stands out from the rest. This brief made me learn to think outside the box to come up with a unique solution that still satisfies the brief.

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